Pests are often annoying and extremely irritating. Getting rid of pests is usually challenging as many people are stuck between going the natural way and using the synthetic products.

There are natural, safer ways to eradicate pests that will ensure your environment is left clean and pest free. But before we dive into the natural ways to get rid of pests, let’s first look at the difference between natural pesticides and synthetic pesticide.

The main difference is that synthetic pesticides are manufactured in laboratories while natural pesticides are extracted and synthesized from naturally occurring organisms like plants or animals. However this does not mean natural pesticides are better than synthetic pesticides.

Natural pesticides can also be called organic as they are derived from the ground, plants and even animals. This makes them a healthier alternative since there is use of no artificial chemicals.

Before deciding on controlling the pest you should first learn about the pest. You do not want to invest your time and effort trying to eradicate a pest that is not even bothering you.

  • Identify the pest if the pests you are trying to get rid of are on plants look at the leaves and look for signs like holes, if it is an insect like mosquitoes you might notice redness of skin parts that show bites.
  • Learn about the pest if you know little about the pest. Do research on it and it will be helpful in knowing the best ways to eradicate it naturally.
  • Decide when to take action all insects are part of our natural environment and we should not disturb the natural balance unless it is necessary.

Here are five natural ways to control pests

  1. Plants

Planting is and effective way of controlling pests if you own a small farm and are struggling with pests you might consider what is called companion planting.

It involves arranging different plants in alternate rows and insects like beetles will not move between the rows as they are disgusted by certain plants.

Some plants can also be used to deter pests, examples are onions and garlic planted around the crop will keep insects away as they do not like the smell.

  1. Predators

Birds some birds eat insect pests. They can be attracted to a location by planting plants that produce seeds that attract birds and are not useful to the farmer.

Animals most small animals eat insects and other pests. These small animals can be attracted by growing plants that they like to eat providing natural shelter to prevent them from other predators.

  1. Natural Pesticides

Natural pesticides are very possible to create using natural ingredients. Caterpillars and aphids can be controlled using a papaya leaf spray which is easy to make.

  1. Mechanical Controls

These are very simple to put into practice simple techniques like picking larger insects by hand is effective in small plots before the pest breeds.

Erecting barriers to protect plants and using traps for rodents is also an effective way to keep the pests at bay.

  1. Removing stagnant water around the house

This is the most effective measure you can take to curb the proliferation of mosquitoes around your house. Keep your troughs clean and well drained

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