The new CPAP mask cleaner that we have found to be effective and reliable is the Sleep CPAP Cleaner. The new Sleep CPAP cleaner is the leader in modern medical device technology. Sleep’s CPAP cleaner not only kills odors but also eliminates bacteria, germs and fungus. The innovative design of the Sleep CPAP Cleaner allows it to easily fit snuggly on the mask while preventing air leaks that can result from the traditional adhesive securing straps. The patented Oxygen-Free system flushes the tubing and mask out resulting in a clean and sanitized mask. Check out The Sleep CPAP Cleaner also helps sanitize the reusable replacement bags, hose and mask by generating ozone (Activated oxygen) to sterilize everything that you put into the replaceable plastic cleansing packet.

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Many people suffering from sleep apnea have told us about how difficult it is to remove sleep apnea mask at night while tossing and turning. This can cause sufferers of sleep apnea to develop allergies, headaches, chest pain, fever, dry mouth and more. They have told us about their frustration with trying to clean the mask without success. They have had success with the new Sleep CPAP Cleaner and now only have to worry about getting a fresh filter and the clean new mask each time they replace their equipment. The Sleep CPAP Cleaner will help to prevent dry mouth, eliminate headaches and reduce fevers.

Sleep’s new Oxygen-Free system flushes all of the sanitized tubing and hoses, eliminating the need for a rinse. This will help to prevent the development of mold and fungus. The oxygen sanitized tubing makes the new sleep cpap cleaner a sanitized system which helps to keep your air machine as clean and germ free as possible.

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