The Homemade pest control recipes are cheap and the preparation method is also easy which may be more effective than the commercial pest control products available in the markets.

Here the pest control recipes are prepared by the products you already stored in your kitchen so no need to buy any additional items. So, by using the kitchen ingredients there is no harmful effect while using the pesticides.

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Pest control recipes and method of preparation

  1. Rhubarb leaves solution

Method of preparation:

Step1:  Take 1 cup of rhubarb leaves

Step 2: Take 5 cups of normal water

Step 3: Take 1 cup of detergent soap or dishwasher

In a vessel add 5 cups of water and brings the water to boil, now add the rhubarb leaves to the boiling water, keep boiling for 20 minutes and then remove the vessel from the heat.

Strain the boiled water to eliminate the leaves and add dishwashing soap solution to the water

Apply this on the pests infected area or spray on the leaves

Note: Handle the Rhubarb leaves with more care. The leaves are poisonous in nature so do not use on the food products while preparing the solution

  1. Ginger – Garlic spray

Method of preparation:

Step 1: Take one whole garlic and peel it off

Step 2: finely chop the ginger and keep aside

Step 3: take 3 cups of water in a vessel and boil it

Step 4: add the peel-off garlic cloves and chopped ginger into the boiling water.

Both garlic and ginger are more effective for pest control. You can easily prepare the ginger garlic spray on your own within a minute. Roughly chop the garlic and ginger and put it in the boiling water. Filter the water and transfer it into the spray bottle. Use this in your garden area, wherever you inspect the insect’s bite.

  1. Basil leaves

Method of preparation

Step 1:  Take 5 cups of water

Step 2:  Take one cup of fresh basil leaves

Step 3: Take one teaspoon of liquid dishwasher agent

In a heavy-bottomed vessel bring the water to get a boil and then add the cup of basil leaves to the boiling water. Remove it from the heat and close the vessel with the tight lid, so that the smell won’t get escapes from the vessel. Filter the leaves and transfer it into the spray bottle then start using it in the house area and on gardens.

  1. Onion spray

Method of preparation

Step 1: keep saving the onion peels and skins

Step 2:  Place the onion peels on the container have warm water and soak it for a few days or up to one week.

Step 3: After straining the water and fill it in the spray bottle and spilt the onions around the roots of the plants.

The pests like cockroaches and spiders are runway for the onion smell and you can also add garlic with the onions.

  1. Neem Spray

Similar to an onion spray, you can replace the onions with the neem leaves and neem fruits and prepare the solution with the help of warm water.

You can also add soap to water. More tips can be read at

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