So, you’ve heard about the Moses Basket stand. How do you know which one to get? This article is going to answer all your questions about Moses baskets and is hoping to lead you towards an informed decision. Keep in mind, even if you eventually use a Moses basket straight away, that it won’t affect your child’s development in any way.

Which One is Right For Your Baby?

Before I get too far, though, let me tell you about the “Moses Stand”. It looks just like a normal cat, but it has a special place for your little one. It has a rocking motion that is soothing to hear and it also offers a little bit of security from knowing your child is safe underneath the Moses Basket and Stand. Now, back to the question…

Now that you know both a cot and Moses stand are a safe option for your newborn, what do you choose? Well, there is another unique product that offers the same benefits, only in a much more innovative and visually appealing package. It is called the Moses Backpack and Stand and it allows you to carry your child in a backpack style fashion. It also offers rocking motion when rocking and it comes with a carrying handle and backpack that also rocks.

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