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As one who has a passion for language, I was delighted to discover the outstanding work that english tutor sydney can do. My son had to begin pre-school at age eight and although he enjoyed the experience I did feel we were short on time and the knowledge of basic education in the English language was limited. Through the help of a wonderful teacher, we were able to tailor an intensive program of preschool and day care as well as take a one-on-one class with Skype, resulting in my son being fluent in English in just over two years.

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With so many qualified tutors in Sydney, I felt confident that I would be matched with the most competent teacher in my area. I was right! My tutor from Sydney Australia was extremely friendly, personable and genuinely cared about my son. I loved the fact that she took the time to explain concepts in a way that I could understand, as well as offering practical tips and techniques.

I also really enjoyed the feedback I received from the teacher. Not only did she offer me suggestions on how to improve my pronunciation, I also got to hear what other parents are saying about their own child when tutoring them. This gave me a great sense of pride and a desire to learn more myself. My tutor never said ‘I am not good enough’ but rather she explained why she felt that I was and offered encouragement and support every step of the way. In my view, this is the best approach to any language learning.

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