Executive close protection, also referred to as executive private security, refers to risk mitigation and security measures taken to ensure that the protection of VIPs or otherwise high profile individuals who could be subjected to high personal risk due to their work, high profile occupation, high net worth, geographical location or other factors. These measures can include VIP protection such as bodyguard services, escorts, vehicle protection and even surveillance on and off duty bodyguards and escorts at work. In many instances, this security can extend to the protection of a VIP’s family. However, most often close protection security is exercised to protect the interests of a high profile individual. Read More – ukcloseprotectionservices.co.uk/close-protection.html

Why you Close Protection Teams

Close protection officers are special agents trained in a variety of areas including intelligence and operations that would help to identify threats and formulate strategies to counter them. They work closely with various law enforcement agencies as well as the intelligence and security industry. Often employed as part of a joint tactical team, close protection officers also have the authority to carry firearms as a direct result of a VIP’s directives. Some bodyguards will be designated as a detail, meaning they will assume the role of a bodyguard for a VIP even when that person is not in the vicinity. Consistent employment and close relationship with a client will earn close protection officers a higher level of trust, which in turn can lead to an increased level of access to classified information.

As a close protection officer develops and enhances his or her close protection skills, a close protection officer can also work as an agent for a private investigator, corporate security or government agency. In many ways the job is similar to that of an FBI agent, except for the fact that he or she is employed exclusively for that purpose. Regardless of what position a close protection officer holds, the ultimate goal of the job is to keep VIP’s safe and sound at all times. This means that all agents must maintain a very high level of confidentiality, hide their police records from the client and provide complete secrecy to the partner in crime. These agents do receive extensive training in the use of protective force and personal protection equipment that may be needed, depending on the nature of the case. Any agency wishing to hire one of these highly trained individuals should do so from an accredited and reliable agency.

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