If you need a cartridge heater for your process equipment, it is important to choose a manufacturer who values the quality of its coil. A heating coil is a part of a cartridge heater, and the quality of the heating coil will determine the efficiency of the device. Typically, the length of a coil is around 5 mm. The diameter of a heating element should be at least 1.6 mm. Regardless of the size, you should always select a coil that has a minimum of two turns. website

How to Do Choosing a Cartridge Heater Manufacturer

The heating coil, or resistor, is the actual resistance in a cartridge heater. The material used is a nickel-chromium alloy known as nichrome. This wire is wound around a ceramic core to provide even heat distribution. The number of spirals per inch depends on the watt density. The heating coil is powered by an alternating current source. The coiled nichrome wire is the actual load.

The actual resistance in a cartridge heater comes from the heating coil, which is made of a metal alloy. The most common metal used for the coil is nickel-chromium (nichrome) wire. The wire is wound around a ceramic core using a special jigsaw puzzle, with varying numbers of spirals per inch, depending on watt density. The coil is powered by a three-phase or two-phase alternating current source. This metal will heat the coiled nichrome wire, which will heat the sheath of the heater.

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