Violin Shop Listing

Violin Shop is a new online violin shop that offers one of the most comprehensive violin shop listings in Southeast Asia. Founded by a violin maker and teacher Janice, violin shop Singapore was created as a place to share her love of playing the violin. In fact, Janice had been playing the violin since birth and considered it her best instrument, out of all the instruments she has played it so well that she decided to share it with others. Her intention was to open a violin shop where she could share her love for playing the violin and also help other violin enthusiasts discover the violin in as natural a manner as possible. Violin Shop Singapore Expert Interview violin shop Singapore was born. violin shop Singapore now offers all the services of a full-fledged violin shop, right from receiving your violin from ordering it to delivery and service and delivery and setup/ dismantling. We also offer violin lessons, cello lessons, home study courses, and home tuition (either in a group setting or as private tutor), piano lessons (either classical or contemporary), and also arrange for live chamber music performance by violinists and cellists. All of these services are offered in a warm, friendly manner, and to our customers we promise to keep them satisfied. Violin lessons are not an option in this violin shop in Singapore, nor are cello lessons. The reason for this is simple; the folks who run the violin shop are violinists themselves, and understand both how hard it is to be a student and to be a violinist, as well as to have to practice violin every day for several hours every single week! As such, we strongly discourage people considering learning to play the violin or cello to go on an expensive course of instruction. What we recommend instead is to learn to play the violin online through our website, which in turn will give you greater flexibility with your schedule, while giving you access to some of the greatest violin lessons available online today!