Body piercing

Body piercing has been a part of every culture throughout history. In ancient China, body jewelry, or “dongsan”, was used to represent a social status. Today, it serves the same purpose but can also be worn as a fashion statement. It is common among teenagers and the elderly alike. Body piercing jewelry such as earrings, nose rings, navel rings, lip rings, barbells, tongue studs, belly buttons, nipples, and many more are available to purchase in jewelry stores and online, wholesale sites. Some of the jewelry items are made from platinum, titanium, silver, and other materials that will not tarnish. Find out –

Body Jewelry Wholesale

Body piercing, however, is not without risks. While most of these risks are not life threatening, some of them can be very painful or cause injury. Ear piercing has led to infection, blood clots and even blindness. These complications may result from improper piercing, poor piercing techniques, excessive pressure, or other risks associated with the piercing process. Piercing ears can also create problems during pregnancy. It is important that the piercing procedure is performed by a certified professional who has performed many ear piercing procedures before.

Purchasing body jewelry wholesale can help you get great deals on high quality items at a reasonable price. Choose a wholesale jewelry supplier that offers a variety of styles, designs, sizes, metals, and prices. Also, check out their shipping policies and return policies before placing an order. You never know, you could save a lot of money on body jewelry wholesale.

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